Thursday's Randomness

i should really take better makeup pix :/
moisturizer: mac strobe cream
foundation: studio fix NC45
brows filled in w.brun e/s
loreal hip e/l in black
Maybelline Volum' Express mascara
e/s: going bananas (inner corners), satellite dreams (outer) & retrospeck (highlight)
blush: la femme blush (can't remember color used sowwy)
*all mac unless otherwise stated :)

not much to write about today, too early i guess :/
<------anywho, here's a pix of that soap i was talking about. i love it bc it hasn't broken meh out yet lol :) its very moisturizing though & doesn't give you that 'tight' feeling.
target, 4.99


B said...


....why am I sittin' here at work jammin' to your little player thingie? I got Splash Waterfalls on repeat. Sad sad...lol.

AnnaBanna said...

lol that's mah shit! i loved that song when it came out. i need to update mah player thingie bc i left out a lot of mah faves. i'm glad you're enjoying your day to mah tunes lol. good music puts you in a good mood :)

Anjela said...

Hey! I love that you have a playlist on your blog. You have all the nice songs on it, lol! Anyway, I think your FOTDs are really nice...so much better than the one I did yesterday! Again you look gorge in this one!

AnnaBanna said...

awww thanx anjela! gotta have mah jams nearby lol :) i like your latest fotd!

PBW said...

Love the eyes on this look. What lipcolor did you use?

AnnaBanna said...

thanx! actually i don't think i have anything on my lips in this pix. was on my way to put on my gloss lol :)

...:::BEAUTIFUL...BROWN...SKIN:::... said...

Girl...I found the Shea Moisture African Black Soap Shea Butter Wash at Target, it is the bomb!! I should have bought every bottle they had, I got it on clearance, and have not been able to find another one. I have been to every Target in Arkansas!! LOL!! And yeah I'm a little late to comment...hehe!!

AnnaBanna said...

no it's okay. are you serious? when i bought it, it was on an endcap but they had juss come out. i only bought the bar soap to see if it would break me out & had planned on going back for more but hadn't. that sucks :/ if i find more, i'll let you know though!


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