so it's like 2am & i'm up blogging...already addicted lol :)
actually i think i've been suffering from sleep insomnia. i can't fall asleep until tha wee hours of tha morn :/
anywho i went to target yesterday & found this soap. i thought it was interesting and wanted to try it out. i'd never heard of it or tha brand before. i used it to wash my face last night & it actually works pretty nice. it was only 5 bucks for a pretty huge bar :)
(i'll post a pix of it later)
oh tha awards tonight was pretty nice although i missed tha 1st 30 min or so of it! still shocked that kanye got best male hiphop above lil wayne. eh, they had to give em something so they wouldn't have to hear him bitching all night about it :) i was disappointed to not see beyonce though. thought she was supposed to do a surprise performance w.lil wayne. oh well :/
i think i should really go to bed now. more tomorrow :)


Anjela said...

Welcome to the addictive world of blogging! I have insomnia too! That's why I'm up! I missed Usher's performance. Oh well. I was psyched to see that Neyo used the dance crew Jabberwockeez in his performance! Then of course there was Ciara and Chris Brown. I enjoyed their performance also along with Alicia Keys.

Muze said...

umm ok, first rule, NO dogging my hubby kanye out, ever.


the awards were pretty good. i loved the performance with chris brown and ciara. the minute she came out i just knew they were about to tear it up.

funny i can't sleep until the wee hours of the morn either. insomnia. eh, maybe. lol.

i think i just concentrate and think better at night.

AnnaBanna said...

anjela - thanx for tha welcome! it IS addictive, but i love it! i missed usher's performance too & neyo :( i missed tha whole first 30-45 min of it actually, but we know bet will showing reruns for tha rest of tha year lol :) i had no idea that was ciara dancing w.chris brown. i thought she looked like her but tha hair threw meh off. alicia keys performance was tha SHIT bc i LOVE TLC!

muze - lol i wasn't really dogging kanye, but we know how he does it :) i like him though! i see we're all night owls lol :) and once again i'm up blogging after midnight, haha!


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