Photo Op : Turquoise

This looked a lot different in person than it appears above.
Stoopid cam/macro setting :/

Anywho, products used:
Face - "The usual"
La Femme blush in Sienna & Red (mixed)
Cargo Blush/Bronzer in Gold Coast

Eyes - MAC Brun (brow filler)
L'oreal HIP black liner (waterline)
UD Primer Potion
L'oreal HIP Pigment Stick in Exhilirating
The SheSpace piggie in Swim with the Fishes (again:)
NYX brown shadow from Dandy trio palette (outer v)
MAC Carbon (in crease)
MAC Blacktrack (upper liner)
L'oreal Panoramic Curl mascara in Blackest Black

Lips - CG Wetslicks in Opal Essence

maybe better luck next time :/


Blessed Tresses said...

I think it looks pretty. You have beautiful eyes and the colors bring that out. Keep up the good work.

Annastashia said...

thank u :)

lol the funny thing is, i realized i had my cam on the wrong setting! see why i dye my hair lol :)

fashion addict said...

i love it boo

Annastashia said...

thanx hun! glad ya liked :)

Rai said...

love the colors!

Annastashia said...

thanx rai!

juvenescent said...

I like it, it's very soft and pretty.

Annastashia said...

thank you juvenescent! it was actually brighter but the cam washed it out...wrong setting :/


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