"The List"

Ladies, I know you have one or have at least heard of it.
While reading Finesse Mitchell's Your Girlfriends Only Know So Much for the umpteenth time, I decided to finally jot down my list. Although that man above - I Tyson - isn't a requirement (I wish but his sexuality is in question lol), my list is REALISTIC.
So here goes (& really in no particular order) :

MissAnnaBanna's Prince Charming

o1. ATTRACTIVE - no scratch that, FINE.

o2. HUMOR - have a sense of it please. i'm goofy, so you have to be able to make me laugh. i'd be uncomfortable around someone so serious all the time. loosen up!

i know they say opposites attract, but we can both be outgoing can't we? be as random as i am and be spontaneous at times.

o4. INTELLECTUAL/SMART - someone i can have a deep conversation with about ANYTHING. dummies need not apply. (j/k...well, not really lol)

o5. GOALS - have some! nobody wants someone tugging on their coat tail...

o6. NO KIDDIES/BABY MAMAS/EX-WIVES - in my book, this all = drama & i can do without all that thank you.
besides, i'd like to have the experiences of bearing his 1st child or being his 1st wife.

o7. TRUSTWORTHY - someone i can share my deepest feelings with and not be judged. be my best friend. if i can trust you, all is right with the world.

o8. CARING - be attentive to my feelings & LISTEN.

o9. HONEST - if you can be completely honest with me, i'll forever have much respect for you.

1o. HETEROSEXUAL - no explanation needed.

11. SEX - & lots of it LOL! have a GREAT sex drive & be an attentive lover. be open-minded & willing to experiment. be able to satisfy me & you'll def be satisfied in return.

12. REAL - NO BITCHASSNESS! extraordinary swag :)
nothing more sexy than a confident (not arrogant) man!

13. KEEP ME GROUNDED - bc i can be a hothead/brat/rebellious/etc. i need that someone who can keep me sane lol :)

14. FINANCIALLY SECURE - i don't want your $$$, but i'd like for you to have your own :) mama always told me to never lower my standards for a man who can't do for me what i can do for myself.

15. SPIRITUAL - this should've been 1st. MUST believe in GOD & put him 1st.

so this is my list. do you have one?
i am challenging you all to share yours!


nicoleyy said...

haha! your so funny lol! :)) you and yr list! :] happy holidays missus! x

Annastashia said...

hehe i know i'm silly :) but this is my SERIOUS list lol...Happy Holidays to you as well
& be safe!

Bombchell said...

ok currently googling the book

Annastashia said...

it's a good book! makes u realize a lot of stuff u usually look over. good reference bc we're still young lol :)


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