Photo Op

I had a VERY busy day yesterday! I haven't been able to keep up w.this blog much of late but i'm gonna try to do better! :)
I'm now working FT/PT/AND still freelancing so i'm sure you all can understand.
Anywho - last night I had the opportunity to do makeup at a shopping party for Lou's House of Design. I had a lot of fun and gained some new clients. I only had time to take one photo w.my cam and will upload it later. Pretty teal/smokey look :)
Until then...here's a couple more pix from the last shoot I did.

*O and Sephora haul coming soon!


Muze said...


whenever i have to do a shoot i'm calling you for my makeup. seriously.

AnnaBanna said...

awww! well i'll be waiting. seriously. lol :)


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