Beauty Booty - Sephora Haul

Oookkkayyy...so I ran out of my MAC foundation and decided to experiment
w.a different brand. I chose Smashbox's Full Coverage Cream-Powder in M3-4 (I think?). Although the color is a great match, I hate the texture of it. It reminds me of the Mary Kay foundations; very oily and streaky.
What a waste of 38 bucks :(
The saleswoman tried to talk me into purchasing the Smashbox foundation primer.
I didn't wanna pay another 30+ bucks for a 'maybe' product, so she gave me a sample.
It's actually quite nice for someone with oily skin. It gives a VERY smooth/velvety feeling :)
I also picked up the highly favored UD Primer Potion. I know i'm VERY late jumping on that bandwagon (but I march to my own tune). I actually LOVE it though!
That's one item that was well worth my $$$

...in addition to Cargo's Suede Blush in Gold Coast
Pretty :)


Mandy est Fabuleux said...

Isn't UD Primer just wonderful? Its one of my favorite products! It works sooooo well. I've never been one for MAC foundations, although I'm a freak for their eye shadows and MAC Red lipstick (this lipstick totally changed my life! lol) Have a fabulous week, doll!


AnnaBanna said...

yes it is! i love it now :) & MAC hehe :)


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