I'm back!!! (pix heavy)

Live and connected!
Being w.out my cable and internet for a week was torture! But i'm okay now :)
I am in LOVE w.tha new place! Although it is a bit empty since i'm starting all over :/
I'm an HGTV/Style Network/Apartment Therapy fanatic so i've got big plans as far as deco. I'll post pix on tha before&afters & updates as I go along, BUT not here.
I've created a much more personal blog (www.MissAnnaBanna.blogspot.com) so that this one can focus solely on makeup & beauty.
Sooo...add me to tha blogrolls!

Now to tha good stuff...
since I was gone so long, I have sooo much to update ya on.
Today I stopped at Drug Emporium to pick up a couple of Milani shadows. The one I wanted was broken AND it was the only one. I thought about talking them into selling it to me for less, but who wants a tha hassle of dealing w.an already broken shadow?
I did however run across a very good sale...

I bought all of these CG Wetslicks & shadows for ONLY 15 bucks & some change! If you can't read the receipt, the shadows were 1.39 and the glosses were 2.31. Couldn't pass that up! I'm not too happy w.the shadows though. They aren't very pigmented & rub off easily. No staying power, but for 1.39 can I really complain? :)
I bought (in order from L-R: Wetslicks Crystals in Sassy & Honey, Opal Essence, Mauvelicious, Fire Fly, Eye Enhancers in Violete Frappe & Aubergine Queen)
And swatches below:
Violete Frappe

Aubergine Queen

Wetslicks swatches

Fire fly

Opal Essence

*I juss accidentally deleted the swatch for Sassy. I'll add it to another post bc I do not feel like starting ALL over :/ And if you really paid attention, you'd see that I chose Jet Black for the new hair color. I love it! :)
I also did the makeup for a promo shoot for a clothing store here Monday. Here are the faces I did....I actually have better pix, but i'm too lazy to upload the disc on my pc lol :)

Hope that was enough to convince you all to forgive me for being M.I.A. :)
Good night & XoXo♥


yummy411 said...

awesome!! thanks for sharing! we miss you too! great haul and great job on the makeup!!

B said...

Beautiful purple and faaabulous haul. Good luck with arranging things around, sweets. I've moved 4 times this year so I understand the hassle.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dont know how i got here
i do own a store for dogs, if u ever in the atl, all from dog for obama shirts to LV shirts u name it any who i apologize

AnnaBanna said...

really? do u have a site or pix of tha merchandise? she's outgrown mosst of tha clothes she had so i'm having to get her more that fit.

Muze said...

work it out mama. these look awesome.

AnnaBanna said...

thanx! :)


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