i should really do better...

i know i've been slacking on tha blogging ya'll.
it's not that i don't have anything to post.
i have 2 hauls to post, some new fotd's & i'm waiting on my pigments from theshespace.
so...i PROMISE i'm gonna do better! :)
i started class last week. those 12 hrs + 40/hrs week are taking it's toll.
i'll be out of town for the weekend but i plan to leave w.at least ONE post & many more when i return.
thanx for tha comments & everything, it really means a lot!

*taken earlier this summer, so from what i can remember...
MAC Strobe Cream
MAC Studio Fix NC45
MAC Eye Kohl in Ebony (?)
MAC Carbon
MAC Satellite Dreams
MAC Brun (to fill in brows)
Maybelline Volum' Express mascara
(Doesn't look like I used any blush or gloss)


Jamila said...

good to see you back! can't wait to see what you ordered from the TSS.

PBW said...

Looking forward to your haul posts!

Muze said...

very pretty.

AnnaBanna said...

thanx muze! i'm still waiting on tss pigments jamila but i'm about to work on tha haul post pbw!


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