The longest week ever...

I started the new gig last Tuesday and I have been EXHAUSTED ever since. But I don't do much especially since I just started. I'm juss tired of the longer commute. It's about 15-20 minutes commute between 2 towns.
BUTTTTTT...I gotta another interview on Tuesday for the state. It's in my town AND it pays more. Like almost 3 grand more! :)

Believe this: Good things come to those who wait.

I was contacted by one of the models from my test shoot. She works for a company/group here called NuSouthMagazine. They were in the talks about looking for a makeup artist for their upcoming shoots & models. She recommended me & showed them my work & she says they were instantly interested. Sooo...i'm supposed to meet with them this Sunday at one of their events. Hopefully it's a deal! :)

The photographer from that test shoot also wants to work on a bodypaint project. Think diamonds, bronze & mermaids :) It'll be my first bodypaint project, but i'm excited & anxious to try it.

Thank GOD tomorrow is FRIDAY!
And my baby sis' 19 th bday! She's all grow'd up now *tear* I'm throwing her a surprise bday dinner at a new restaurant here, Copeland's. Pix will come shortly and (this isn't juss a makeup blog as you can see :) more FOTD's, especially since that M.A.C. discount card is coming!

Peace beeches


misschriss said...

Well its good its not just a makeup blog ....nice pic of the two of you.

AnnaBanna said...

thanx! :)


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