Photo-Op : Rainbow Brite

This is my 'store look' from this past weekend. I was in a colorful mood and I wanted to test out the new Alter Ego quad (the pink/black/yellow one). Yes, these are the same as the BitchSlap quads just a different logo.
I used white, pink, teal and purple paint pots (from the same distributor) to get the true vibrancy of the colors. And no lashes, womp womp lol...
And...Beet l/l + Girl About Town l/s
In other news, my airbrush is fixed and on it's way to mama!
I've also ordered new foundation for my kit (Graftobian palette) and some other Graftobian products. Oh and a 96 color l/s palette from NYX Cosmetics. Has anybody seen it? I'm a fan of NYX l/s and liners so for $25 I thought it was a good deal :-)


Miss.Fortune said...

now thats really cute..i couldnt put those colors together on my eyes if my life depended on it. i've tried but didnt succeed. i'll guess i'll stick to what i know. make-up isnt it..lol

MissAnnaBanna said...

lol yeah you can, you juss gotta play with it!


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