The Art of Fashion Show [11.22.09]

Last weekend I did the makeup for fellow high school classmate, Fiskite and model Ngozika O'Keke. She made her first debut as a designer at this show. You can see more of her work and handmade bags at the link provided below. So proud of her because I remember when she showed me her first piece 2 years ago!
Anywho, here are a couple photos I do have from the show:
Amber B [also a fellow high school classmate/drill team member :)]

Emily H
[haha look who's in the bkgd :)]

Ngo wanted all of her models to have a dark, smokey eye and wine colored lips. I was so busy with 12 models that I didn't have a chance to take any more photos, womp womp. Also had the opportunity to meet and do Furonda's [from ANTM] makeup. she was so sweet and humble!

[more photos from the show can be seen here soulfulshots.com]


Rai said...

Looks lovely! You're so talented.

MissAnnaBanna said...

awww thank u doll!

Lina said...

Looks good^^


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