Makeover: Using the OCC/Sparmax Airbrush

This was actually done about a month ago... Anywho, my friend came over and we decided to do a makeover (of course!). I pulled out the airbrush for this one since I figured out it's NOT really broke :)) I wanted to do a live tutorial for this, but maybe another day...
Here's a before:

And an after:I covered any blemishes with Cinema Secrets foundation then airbrushed her face using the Sparmax airbrush from OCC Makeup (I don't think they carry that particular one anymore although I just ordered it a few months ago).

- I used quite a few blues for her shadow (TSS piggie in 'Voluntary Mayhem', Milani 'Blue Ice'), MAC Tempting in the crease and MAC Blacktrack for liner on top and bottom.

- Revlon gloss (color not listed, but it's a duo)

- I used 3 different La Femme blushes, 'Sienna' to contour, 'Stormy Rose', and 'Magenta' as blushes.

Think it turned out purty!

btw: the airbrush wasn't broken when i used it for this makeover. BUT i did drop it onto the counter while trying to clean it and really did break it.
my heart broke :(
but it's 'fixable'! :)


Blessed Tresses (Blessedwmnofgod) said...

Looks good~I love your blog!

...:::BEAUTIFUL...BROWN...SKIN:::... Bianca said...

Pretty Anna!! I'm loving this new layout as well!!

MissAnnaBanna said...

thank u ladies!

Bombchell said...

oh wow thats really lovely

Ms. T said...

Cute blog girl.

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