2nd Annual Designer's Choice Fashion Show

I assisted a MAC artist this past weekend at the 2nd Annual Designer's Choice Fashion Show hosted by LR's own Korto Momolu and Jerell Scott, both of Project Runway.
I 'borrowed' a few shots from behind the scenes since I forgot to bring mah camera in :)
Sucks I know. I'm still kicking mah self :/

It was CRAZY back there. 100 models total & I think we had around 20....

After wardrobe change, ready for the show.
You can view more photos here : dinkyevents.com


Rai said...

Ooooh nice!
How was it?

AnnaBanna said...

fun but tiring! we'd been there since 6:30 am & i think i only had about 4 hrs of sleep the night before. that was mah 1st fashion show & the biggest here. it was koo though, i'd do it again :)

...ALLmEYEne... said...

This look like a great and fun opportunity. Love the make-up. If I could only learn to work with blues. Did you get a chance to learn anything new from working with the MA?

AnnaBanna said...

it was fun & a great opportunity. feels like i got mah foot in the right door lol. i learned the mac eyebrow trick. with the concealer and all. really easy actually. and she gave meh advice about taking mah eyeshadow up further on the lid. :)

Amina said...

wooooooow!!It looks like you were having so much fun :)

jess said...

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