Photo Op: Bday Pix Pt I

These are the free goodies I got from the cosmetic settlement!

We had a potluck @ work on MY bday for the January bdays lol :)

My coworker had these signs all over my cubicle lol :)

cam whorin' on tha clock!

This was a feat all in itself. My bestie never wears makeup & she finally let me do hers!
We were waiting on my buddy to come show us to tha club...
We're in Memphis by tha way (before the alcohol obviously)
Before the casino talking to him :)


Sofee said...

U look really beautiful in all da pix..Happy B-day!!

My b-day is also in Jan!!

Miss.Fortune said...

oh my u look beautiful!
happy happy birthday

Rai said...

You looked nice.
lol It's soooo weird.
I wore a purple plaid shirt on my birthday!! haha

SuzieC said...

Happy Birthday!! You look so pretty!

Annastashia said...

yay for tha january babies lol! :)

thank u ladies! i partied a lil too hearty but i had fun lol.

Kimberly Michelle said...

Happy Birthday!! You looked great!

AnnaBanna said...

thank u kimberly!

slvrlips said...

Happy Belated B-day!!! I'm loving your purple and hot pink hats. Where did you get them

AnnaBanna said...

thank u! the pink one came from forever21 and the purple came from some lil store in memphis. i got a black one and a tan one too :)


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