the countdown...

only because i'm bored...hehe :)
thanx muze!

10 things you wish you could say to 10 different people:
Would you please leave me the hell alone?!? Thanx :)
Why don't you shave/wax/pluck that???
Stop being so negative, you're draining me!
What a waste of 2 minutes!
When you decide you're ready to really be a father, then holla back at me.
You really need to grow up & get your shit together.
Ewww, what a ho!
I think I like you :) *singing* "I juss wanna be your girl" lol :)
I've thought about it and I don't want to try again.
I don't have any plans to work with your unprofessional a** again. Please remove me from your contacts, thanks!

9 things about yourself:
i'm afraid of elevators

i can be 'mouthy' at times, especially if you piss me off
i think i'm going to be that friend that's always the bridesmaid & never the bride
i'm afraid that i will miss out on that special someone if i keep being so 'picky'
i'm very silly
i still eat kool-aid and sugar...without water lol :)
i will prob never be happy until i face my inner demons & express my feelings freely :/
i'm shorter than everyone in my fam including my baby sis
i'm legally blind lol :) okay maybe not legally, but damn near!

8 ways to win your heart:
say something worth saying. or something smart.
remember something i've said. let's me know that you listen.
make me laugh bc i'm silly.
confidence is sexy :) don't let me intimidate you.
have an open mind.
on a date, take me somewhere outside the norm (dinner/movie).
write me poetry :)
open the door for me

7 things that cross your mind often:
wonder what this year will bring
book of revelations
lately, him
am i making the right decision?
success in the makeup biz
my next move away from Arkansas

6 things you do before you go to sleep:
read a book/magazine/catalog
check messages from the cell
attempt to watch a movie
wash my face & booty
wrap my hair

5 people you couldn't live without:
my parents
my little sister
my granny
my pup, CoKo
my fave fambam & all of my (real) friends

4 things you're wearing right now:
workout clothes
mix-matched socks
2 bras...sports & push-up, lol don't ask!

3 songs that fit your life perfectly:
'Paranoid' Kanye West
'She Got Her Own' Neyo
'Woman' Raheem DeVaughn

2 things you want to do before you die:
travel the world
learn to swim lol

1 confession:
i fall in love/like so easily, but with one wrong move i fall out just as fast.

this really is hard!
okay, now YOU try :)


LaJuneYevette said...

how come most of what you put up is the same thing i put up. lol. love the shout out to koolaid and sugar.

Miss.Fortune said...

when i get bored i will try..but i like urs

Annastashia said...

@ LaJuneYevette - Forreal lol??? I'm going to check urs out! Glad to know i'm not tha only one who still eats koolaid and sugar lol! :)

@ Miss.Fortune - Thanx! I told ya'll I was random lol :)

POME said...

lovee your blog !

Bombchell said...

elevators scare me too a tiny bit. well not the elevator, something i saw in a movie or cartoon, and im afraid to say it cuz then it may happen lol which i hope never does

Her Royal Poshness said...

What a waste of 2 minutes!

I think that all the time!
And you changed your music...nice!!!

Annastashia said...

@ bombchell - love ur blog! i'm always afraid i'll get stuck in one lol

@ herroyalposhness - ha! great minds think alike :) tha music's always changing ova here!

Muze said...

elevators?? lmao.

lmao at shave pluck wax that. hilarious.

i would stay stop being so picky but why should you lower your standards?

this was great.

Annastashia said...

@ pome - hey i didn't mean to skip ya! thanx, i'm glad ya diggin tha place :)

@ muze - yeah i'm afraid of elevators! i hold the rail on the back wall when i have to get in one lol :)
mah ex told meh noone would ever have a fair chance w.meh bc i'm expecting this picture-perfect person. dunno...didn't think i was being too picky, but why should i alter mah standards to suit u??? whole 'nother blog lol!

Makeup Theory said...
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