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In response to Yummy411's Fall Wishes post, here are my top 5 picks of things i'm looking forward to this fall. Sorry but mine aren't all beauty-related :/
And following suit, everyone who reads is tagged!
I'm excited about this year's election! This is my 2nd time being able to be apart of the presidential elections & this time I won't be cheated (the 1st time was a mess!)

In addition to this collection, i'm looking forward to many collections MAC is coming out with this season. Hurry up with the Hello Kitty! :)

o3. BOOTS! I'm a boot fanatic. I love the fall/winter especially because of boots LOL

Cute jackets and scarves are also a must-have for this season.

o4. I practically jumped around the room in excitement when I found out Zane was turning the Sex Chronicles into a series! I'm a dedicated reader & bigtime fan. Also can't wait to see the new season of The Game & the finale of ANTM.


Halloween - I volunteered to be on the Halloween Committee at work so i'm anxious to see its outcome. I'm still undecided about the costume, but CoKo will be getting one too! :)

Thanksgiving - We all know why we love this day (& the day after for that matter) LOL

So what are your Fall Wishes/Faves?


B said...

Okay for Obama and Zane!!!!!

yummy411 said...

great list!! holiday season!! woot woot!

AnnaBanna said...

LOL ya'll are silly! B i'm counting down tha days until Zane comes on, i'm about to start reading the book now - such a FAN!

Eb the Celeb said...

I was super excited about the Znae series too... especially when I found out Terrell was starring in it... he is chocolate sexy

AnnaBanna said...

who is Terrell? (don't laugh at meh if it's a silly ? :)


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