FOTD = Blue & Black

Obviously not a very good makeup pix, but you get the picture...

I used:

Strobe Cream
Studio Fix Fluid NW43
L'oreal Hip Liner in Black

NYC lip liner (color unknown...nude looks like)
Maybelline Volum' Express mascara
M.A.C. e/s: Zonk Bleu (3/4 lid), Carbon (outer corner of lid) & Nylon (highlight area)
Sonia Kashuk brushes used
M.A.C. brushes 120 & angled brush (n/p #?)
LaFemme blush in Mocha (2nd on top row)


On a more random note...
This week has been full of surprises. I move into my townhouse on the 1st! Yippee :)
I got a raise (already, yes!) at the new job.
I found out that I may be an auntie again! :)
I was approved for a day off so I can go to STL w.the fam.
My close friend came by to visit w.her baby girl who's almost as tall as I am now & I haven't seen her since I held her the day she was born!
I read a really good book today called Joy & Pain by Franklin White. I read A LOT!


Amina said...

I love the look..so pretty!!
Congratulations on all the blessings:)

slvrlips said...

Very Pretty look

AnnaBanna said...

thank u both!

Muze said...

very pretty.

sounds like a good book. may have to check it out.

wow @ all the new developments taking place in your life. that's great!

AnnaBanna said...


it was really good! u should check out e. lynn harris's new one too, it's pretty good as well.

about the new dev...i KNOW! that's what i was trying to tell ya - PRAYER & patience works wonders! i was feeling like i was on mah last leg & getting depressed, then all of this good stuff happens outta no where. but i'm praying for ya, so be PATIENT :)

yummy411 said...

gorgeous and sultry fotd!

Anjela @ BlaqVixenBeauty said...

Hey AB,

"Obviously not a very good makeup pix, but you get the picture..." Whatever! It's as gorgeous as always! I recently found out that both my best friends are pregnant so I'll be a godmother to both. So I know how you feel! The only book I've read is a cosmetic "bible" so I'll have to check out Joy & Pain when I need a break! :)

AnnaBanna said...

dunno why i'm juss now reading these comments lol...

thanx yummy!

anjela - lol you know how some people have the xtra clear fotds. that's what i meant lol :) yay for the new babies! so you have 2 baby showers to plan huh? well i actually won't be a new auntie but i still have mah kute nephew to spoil. who's the cosmetic bible by? you should also read e.lynn harris' new book too! can't think of the name but it was pretty good!


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