Tag you're it!

I actually saw this on Eva's site & was bored, soooo.....here goes -
My Foundation: MAC Studio Fix NC35
My Mascara: Maybelline Volum' Express
My Blush: La Femme blush palette
My Eye Shadow: hmmm...Woodwinked is my fave
My Day Cream: MAC Strobe Cream
My Lipstick: MAC's "O"
My Beauty Product Brand: MAC :)
My Essential Beauty Product: lipgloss & black eyeliner
My Favorite Makeup Product: my La Femme blush palette
My Perfumes: Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel - love it so much i named my pup after it :)
My Nails: bright blue nail polish (forgot the brand)
My Feet: same as above - "got my toes did up & my fingernails matching :)"
My Hands: Nada, they're neglected :/
Three Products to bring on a deserted island: my foundation, lipgloss & cocoa butter
Woman I admire for their beauty: Nia Long & Toni Braxton
Woman with the Best Sense of Style: Christina Milian & Beyonce
My Ultimate Dream: right now? the new makeup kit from MUFE! long-term? to accomplish my goals of becoming a successful lawyer, wife & mother :)
How Do I Define Womanhood: having the confidence to appreciate one's self, the ambition to push one's self to greater heights & self-respect
My Favorite Fashion Publication: Sophisticate's Black Hair & Vibe Vixen until they cancelled :(


misschriss said...

I love mac makeup and we are about the same color so I love when you post pictures. It gives me ideas.

Muze said...

i love mac but it breaks me out. *sad face*

yes, that mascara will have you looking like you have fake lashes on. christian dior also has a very nice one. it's like 30 bucks though. lol.

haha@ you naming your pup after a perfume. how cute.

i LOVE blue polish.

having the confidence to appreciate one's self, the ambition to push one's self to greater heights & self-respect

loves it. so right on.

great post lady. hope all is well.

btw, you and the bf are sooo cute.

AnnaBanna said...

awww i'm glad you like the blog misschriss. i'll be sure to post more makeup photos.

thanx muze! have you tried the hip foundations? i heard they were pretty good. i use cinema secrets when i freelance & its great! you'd like that one. i think i'm gonna stick to my 6 buck mascara though lol :)
this blue polish is tha shit! i bought it for a buck 50 at the hair store lol :) i wanna try this marshmallow color i've been hearing about.
i should've added pix to that post :/


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